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There has never been a better time to invest in Somalia. Somalia as a regional hub for commerce, transportation, trade and industry is back and our Government welcomes all investors to participate in the rebuilding of hope, opportunity and prosperity in the Horn of Africa. Somalia is strategically placed to connect people, enterprise and opportunity

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The process of crafting the first Somalia National Development Plan (NDP) in 30 years was both exciting and complex. For more than a year, the capable team at the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation (MoPIC) worked tirelessly to envision a development plan consistent with Somalia‘s steady recovery from 25 years of state collapse, persistent

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weekly ministry staff meeting

August 9, 2016 Deputy minister and permanent secretary of the ministry of planning & international cooperation held weekly ministry staff meeting at the ministry conference hall. the PS gave the latest updates about the national development plan and praised those hard-working staffs who were involved in the national development consultations.

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Somalia Launches First National Development Plan in 30 Years

PRESS RELEASE June 29, 2016 Mogadishu, Somalia The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) has today launched the first draft of the first National Development Plan (NDP) in 30 years after successfully implementing the New Deal Compact for Somalia for three years. “This is a major milestone for Somalia and its development agenda,” said Abdi Aynte,

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Food Security and Peace Building in Africa

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27 August 2016 Panellist Statement:  H.E. Abdullahi Sheikh Ali, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC), Federal Government of Somalia FAO Director-General, Excellencies, Ambassadors, distinguished fellow panelists, ladies and gentleman. His Excellency Abdi Aynte, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of the Federal Government of Somalia is unable to attend today’s

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Consultations on the Resilience Pillar of the National Development

For the first time since the 1980’s –Federal and State government are preparing a national development plan. It provided an opportunity last week for the government to meet and consult its local NGOs and international development partners to finalise the Resilience Chapter of the National Development Plan. “We are very pleased to finally have this

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The Federal Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation (MOPIC) of the Federal Government of Somalia is finalizing the Somalia National Development Plan, which will cover the period 2017-2019. The Government is fully committed to listening to the Somali people and their development priorities and expectations. Multiple consultations and workshops have been held to develop the

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