The Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation (MOPIC) gathered all Federal Government of Somalia ministries for the first Government Coordination meeting, setting a course to improve internal government accountability and efficiency.

“Planning is the backbone to deliver government services and cooperation among all government entities is critical. Because no single institution can tackle the challenges facing Somalia alone, delivery of an affective service requires the cooperation at all levels of government,” said MOPIC Deputy Minister Abdullahi Sheikh Ali.

The meeting was exclusively for DG/PS level and Planning Directorates of FGS ministries and over 48 civil servants were in attendance.

“The large attendance is encouraging and loudly states that institutions recognize the need to work together, provide clear and joined response to complex policy challenges and provide seamless services to the people,” said MOPIC Permanent Secretary Abdi Dirshe.

At the end of July, the Government Coordination meeting hosted by MOPIC will meet again to continue the energy and momentum achieved.dgs-lunch-008-150x150 dgs-lunch-009-150x150 dgs-lunch-010-150x150 dgs-lunch-011-150x150 dgs-lunch-012-150x150 dgs-lunch-013-150x150