The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation is pleased that the Deputy Prime Minister H.E Mohamed Omar Arte has launched the National Development Plan on Saturday, October 17, 2017. This Plan will cover 2017 – 2019 and it will be implemented after the successful implementation of the New Deal Compact, which is coming to an end in the last quarter of 2016.

The Deputy Prime Minister underscored the need for participatory consultation process and a plan that is underpinned by inclusivity. “This National development Plan must be linked to all Somalis and particularly to the youth and the marginalized, ” he said.

The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, H.E. Abdi Aynte explains, “The purpose of the National Development Plan is to provide guidance to the national authorities and the international partners to Somalia in shaping a medium term strategic framework to build upon our achievements of the past few years, further strengthen the (emerging) state structures, create the favourable environment for private and non-government sector development, and – importantly – bring the benefits of the development efforts to the citizens.”

The Federal Government of Somalia has committed itself to develop a new comprehensive medium-term National Development Plan in which all citizens of this country will participate. The plan will be compliant Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (iPRSP) and aligned with the newly adopted Global Sustainable Goals (SDG).

The economic activity in Somalia is estimated to have expanded with real GDP rising by 3.7 during 2014 with CPI rising by only 1.3 percent. In some areas, (social) service delivery has improved, but more work is required to improve the overall conditions of the society. The National Development Plan will address some of the pressing economic, political and social issues.

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