Directorate of National Statistics supported by UNFPA technical team is conducting workshop to provide the ministry staff with practical experience of census/survey analysis, interpretation of data and analytical report writing.

On behalf of the Federal Government, the Director General of National Statistics Mr. Ahmed Elmi Muhumad welcomed the participants and thanked the UNFPA for supporting the training  and providing the technical expertise  and facilities for organizing  the  training. He also commended the strides taken by  the Somali authorities for their commitment to attain sufficient capacity to independently undertake full range of basic statistical functions. The capacity of statistical staff to analyse data as well draft statistical reports of international standards.

Ms. Mariam Alwi, population and Development focal point for UNFPA Somalia Office stated that the training initiative is a milestone in UNFPA ‘s continued commitment to supporting Somali Federal Government to enhance the capacities of staff in the Planning Ministry especially the National Statistics Directorate in methods of census/survey data analysis, interpretation and report writing as agreed upon in the data editing and generation of tables workshop held in Entebbe. It also follows the presentation of the draft PESS analytical report outline made to the authorities in the high level task force meeting in Naivasha.

She urged  the participants to work hard and muster skills so as to be able to get  knowledge of on the importance of Data analysis and use of infographics in analytical report.

In this exercise, staff from the different directorates (Planning, International Cooperation and Statistics) of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation will be trained hands-on to prepare a national report on demographic and socio economic characteristics of the Somali people based on the 2014 Population Estimation Survey.

The objectives of the workshop is to build the capacity of government staff through hands-on analysis of data on the Somali population size and distribution, education characteristics, labour participation, population mobility, household asset ownership, fertility and mortality and to Present and discuss the importance of using infographics; graphs, charts, diagrams, in analytical reports and demonstrate techniques that can be used.