National Development Plan progresses


Progress on the National Development Plan has been moving at a steady pace, with awareness and engagement of stakeholders having been the priority over the past month.
The National Development planning process has been presented to key sectorial players in particular Peace and State-building Goals 4 & 5, the NDP was also discussed in the monthly Director Generals meeting of Ministries, departments and Agencies.
MoPIC Donor working group meetings on the development of the NDP management process and guidelines have happened twice in both Mogadishu and Nairobi, support among development partners has been broad with engagement by Sweden and USAID through its Strengthening Somalia Governance program noteworthy towards the development of the final document.
The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation has appointed an eleven person cross departmental technical working group as focal points for sectorial planning in the NDP, this team will also function in developing Somalia SDG agenda by guiding the necessary sector wide consultations that is a prerequisite towards the development of sectorial indicators.
The National Advisory council made up of regional planning ministries and chaired by the Federal Minister of Planning is slated to happen in the third week of December 2015, underlying the primary role of this organ as a consultative and inclusive forum for the development of the first post civil strife national development plan.

Our Statistics Team completed Entebbe Workshop on Data Analysis and Analytical Report Writing

Directorate of National Statistics supported by UNFPA technical team concluded workshop in Entebe-Uganda for Statistics staff of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. The team learnt practical experience of census/survey analysis, interpretation of data and analytical report writing. The staff wrote eight analytical chapters report of the 2014 population estimation survey data.
It is hoped that these reports will benefit the country through providing the analysis with regard to their age, sex, education, occupation, economic activity and other critical characteristics that are important to aid the formulation of policy and decision-making, both public and private, such as government officials, researchers, academics, members of the business community and civil society. Furthermore, the experience gained, together with the efforts to strengthen capacity, will equip the country to analyze the results of the coming censuses.


Minister of Planning and International Cooperation signs two Resilience Program with ISWA Administration in Baidoa

The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation H.E Abdirahman Yusuf Ali Aynte and his delegation from the Ministry, European Union envoy to Somalia Ambassador Michele Carvone D’urso, SomRep and BRiCS consortiums and United Nations agencies arrived in Baidoa on Thursday 19th November 2015. The official trip was a joint mission to launch of two Resilience Programmes that was signed by H.E Abdirahman Yusuf Ali, Ambassador Michele Carvone and ISWA President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adam in presence of the Prime Minister H.E Omar Abdirashid Ali.

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation H.E Abdirahman Yusuf Ali had expressed his gratitude to the European Union and particularly the implementing partners as an open mind and responsiveness to the views and challenges articulated at various levels as well as the support they always given to Somalia especially this highly population region ISWA administration which needs support in terms of agriculture, fishing and livestock.

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NAO team from MoPIC attends EU Tender Dossier Opening Committee as Voting Member

The National Authorizing Officer (NAO) is the mandate of the Directorate of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. The NAO Coordinator Mr Zakaria Hassan has attended EU tender opening committee as voting member of the European Union projects to Somalia with NAO Finance and Contacts Officer Mr Mohamed Farah as an observer.
The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation H.E Abdirahman Yusuf Ali and his Deputy H.E Abdullahi Sheikh Ali as well as EU delegation to Somalia are committed that the signatory authority of NAO to be transferred to Somalia mid 2016. In the meantime, Head of EU Delegation to Somalia signs all projects on behalf of Somalia.

Somalia National Statistics Act Consultative Meeting

Three days of National statistical act Meeting was concluded in Mogadishu which was organized by the directorate of statistics of the Ministry of Planning and International Collaboration. The Institutions’ mandates are stipulated in respective Acts and instruments of establishment. In order to have a functional NSS, specific actions were proposed to achieve the intermediate outcomes of ensuring that official statistics production and service delivery are effectively coordinated under a well structured national statistics office. Equally important is the review of statistical Act by incorporating appropriate international best practice so as to guarantee independence of the system and respect for statistical confidentiality across the NSS.
The statistical laws of the country will play significant role in producing quality data on timely basis. The law will also helps to facilitate coordination in the National Statistical System. Official statistics provide an indispensable element in the information system of a democratic society, serving the government, the economy and the public with data about the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation. To this end, official statistics that meets the test of practical utility are to be compiled and made available on an impartial basis by official statistical agencies to honor citizens entitlement to public information.

Directorate of Statistics meets with Statistics Sweden

Directorate of National Statistics of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) met with Statistics Sweden in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on November 12-13, 2015 and discussed collaboration project between Statistics Sweden and Directorate of National Statistics.
The collaboration meeting on statistical capacity building endorse greater information exchange, calling for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Statistics Sweden and the Directorate of National Statistics and to prepare a report by the end of the six months inception phase of the project in a light reporting mechanism to be put in place that would record support to statistical capacity building activities in Somalia by Sweden Statistics promoting effective collaboration among Directorate of National Statistics and Statistics Sweden so as to increase the support to statistical activities in the Country

MOPIC Establishes National Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is at the center of sound governance arrangements while the Monitoring and Evolution Unit is necessary for the achievement of evidence-based policymaking, budgeting, decision-making, management, and accountability. The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation recognized the need to create this unit as its a crucial element of managing and implementing projects, programs and policies in both public and private sector organizations. Therefore Monitoring and Evaluation unit is keen to work with all departments at the Ministry, while taking the opportunity to bring a new synergy and teamwork approach. This M&E team have will meet on a regular basis to check in with progress made on planned M&E activities and to use information from our systems to inform decision making within our Ministry.