Nationwide consultations on the National Development Plan concludes successfully

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation has successfully completed the mammoth logistical task of holding seven [7] three [3] day consultations across the regional state capitals across Somalia, successfully concluding the first phase of nationwide consultations on the NDP.

The process involved interaction with over one thousand citizens of Somalia representing state civil services, civil society, academia, the business community and members of academia and intelligentsia.

In-depth guided discussions were held were the experiences, opinions and priorities of the citizens of this recovering nation will inform the development of national sectorial objectives, strategies and plans.

Across the nation themes emerged of a population seeking guidance and leadership in building a cohesive nation, the promotes the economic wellbeing of the individual, by investing in the untapped agricultural and human resources of our nation, while providing equality of access to basic social services and economic opportunities.

This NDP will be the first to be developed in the unique circumstances of a new federal dispensation with the added requirement of addressing the pressing needs of a post conflict nation with a large unemployed youth population and an insurgency that while winding down, is still active in some parts of the country.

The will of both the President and Prime Minister of the republic to develop an NDP to replace and build upon the successes of the compact, has ensured the total commitment of all layers of government to deliver a concise guiding document that will serve as contract between the government and the citizens of the nation as well as a providing the sole national framework for development partner engagement in Somalia.

MoPIC presents PSG5 2015 achievements at the High Level Partnership Forum in Istanbul Turkey.

The High Level Partnership Forum held in Istanbul Turkey on the 23rd and 24th was attended by the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation H.E Abdirahman Yusuf Aynte who was accompanied to the summit by Mr. Abdi Dirshe the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry and Mr. Dalmar Hassan who is the Government lead of PSG 5 [Peace and State building Goals Revenue and Services].
The Minister gave a well received presentation on the considerable progress made in the areas of health, education, social protection and public financial management in the year 2015, while reiterating the importance of accelerating the delivery of basic services to the citizens of Somalia as fundamental requirement of re-establishing  state legitimacy in Somalia.
He also underlined the importance of changing the focus from short term humanitarian interventions to long term development aid planning which will guide long term programme interventions needed for genuine change in the living standards and access to services of the average Somali
” The current basic services support has evolved from a purely humanitarian approach, especiallyin health and education towards longer term program horizons and program support; however, funding commitments are still short-term and insufficient, and data gathered don’t show whether the increased service delivery is either equitable or affordable. In health, geographical and scope coverage of delivery is limited, with referral system and secondary health mainly depending on humanitarian funding. Moreover, with roughly $30m per year countrywide, education funding is very low and posing challenges for expanding core primary education access fundamental service that presages state legitimacy as well as a counter act to violent extremist groups that benefit from an uneducated and unemployable youth population”

Ministry of Planning Delegation Meets With Ministry of Development of Turkey Projects

A MoPIC lead delegation, consisting of representatives from different institutions of the Federal Government of Somalia traveled to Ankara, Turkey at the invitation of the Ministry of Development.
The Somali Delegation was lead by H.E Abdullahi Sheikh Ali the Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation and consisted of representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Public Works, Energy and Mining as well as the Central Bank of Somalia.
During the two day meeting discussions were wide ranging with most discussions focused on the current socio-economic situation of Somalia as well as the National Development Plan which is currently be developed by the Ministry of Planning.
The Ministry of Development through the remarks of the Under-Secretary of the Ministry Mustafa Cuneyd Duzyol pledged to work closely with the government of Somalia in developing a Somali owned development plan as well as providing long term programme support in the areas of fiscal, monetary and infrastructure policy in Somalia.

Press Release regarding HLPF

Broad support for Somalia’s National Development Plan during the HLPF.
As the new deal is slated to end during 2016 the National Development Plan was endorsed as the “framework for development partner engagement in Somalia in thw future” in the conference communique`.
The NDP was vocally supported by different delegates to the conference, recognizing and supporting Somalia’s indigenous planning effort and pledging support to this undertaking.
H.E Abdirahman Yusuf Aynte had several bilateral meetings with representatives of the U.K, U.S, Italy, Turkey and the E.U where support for the national development planning process was confirmed, with commitments made on bilateral engagement with Somalia on the basis of the three year strategic framework the NDP will afford.
MoPIC is dedicated to learning from the successes and shortcomings of the new deal to deliver a concise and strategic document that will support the reconstruction and development of the Somali republic.