The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation has successfully completed the mammoth logistical task of holding seven [7] three [3] day consultations across the regional state capitals across Somalia, successfully concluding the first phase of nationwide consultations on the NDP.

The process involved interaction with over one thousand citizens of Somalia representing state civil services, civil society, academia, the business community and members of academia and intelligentsia.

In-depth guided discussions were held were the experiences, opinions and priorities of the citizens of this recovering nation will inform the development of national sectorial objectives, strategies and plans.

Across the nation themes emerged of a population seeking guidance and leadership in building a cohesive nation, the promotes the economic wellbeing of the individual, by investing in the untapped agricultural and human resources of our nation, while providing equality of access to basic social services and economic opportunities.

This NDP will be the first to be developed in the unique circumstances of a new federal dispensation with the added requirement of addressing the pressing needs of a post conflict nation with a large unemployed youth population and an insurgency that while winding down, is still active in some parts of the country.

The will of both the President and Prime Minister of the republic to develop an NDP to replace and build upon the successes of the compact, has ensured the total commitment of all layers of government to deliver a concise guiding document that will serve as contract between the government and the citizens of the nation as well as a providing the sole national framework for development partner engagement in Somalia.