Monthly DGs meeting held in Mogadishu

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) sends its compliments to all of the national and international stakeholders who participated in the initial consultations of the National Development Plan (NDP).

Deputy Minister of  Planning and International Cooperation H.E Prof. Abdullahi Shiekh opened the meeting and addressed in his opening remarks “We are delighted to inform you that we have now completed the zero draft of the NDP after more than a year of laborious work. We wish take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who have played a role in putting together Somalia’s first NDP in 30 years. Together, we are, indeed, on the cusp of transforming Somalia’s development agenda”

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Planning and International Abdi Dirshe  addressed  the need to review the draft of the NDP and more contributions “We request that you prepare relevant information, and engage in a robust and exhaustive discussion on the stated priorities of each sector, all the while ensuring that the NDP remains realistic and achievable over the next three years”

The Interim National Development Plan (INDP) 2016 – 2019 which is being prepared in broad consultation with stakeholders and development partners will describe Somalia’s macroeconomic, structural and social policies that will support poverty reduction and economic growth.

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Request for Quotations

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MOPIC conducts workshop for Somali Women and their role on the National Development Plan

The Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation (MOPIC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Women & Human Rights Development, with the support of UNDP and the New Deal Facility, has organized the workshop “Somalia towards Sustainable Development : The Role of Women in the National Development Plan” on 5 June at the Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu.

The workshop has brought together 62 participants representing women’s groups of the sub-federal states of Puntland, Galmudug, Hiiraan/Middle Shabelle, South-West Somalia and Jubbaland, as well as of the region of Banaadir, as well as government officers from key ministries of the Federal Government of Somalia and UNDP. 67% of the participants were women.

The objective of the event has been to raise awareness of Somali women on the National Development Plan and identify their priorities so that they are included paving the way for further work on women’s empowerment in NDP implementation.

Her Excellence, Zahra Mohamed Samatar, the minster of women and Human rights has officially opened the workshop.  Speaking at the opening, the minister noted that she is very delighted to see women specific consultation on National Development Plan. This initiative alone mirrors a progressive change in relation to equal participation of women in national plans and processes she said. Her Excellency noted that she is pleased to see the diverse state level representation in the workshop and urged the participants to take this exercise serious and provide solid input to ensure that women’s priorities are reflected in the NDP. She noted: “we have all been complaining about how the New Deal relegated gender and human right priorities; we have to make it clear now that that our priorities and voices can no longer be marginal; we want to assign that in the past and make new chapter”. Finally, she expressed her gratitude to the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation in organizing this workshop and thanked to UNDP for supporting the initiative.

The deputy Minister of Planning & International Cooperation also made opening remarks. The minister highlighted the objectives of the workshop and reiterated his ministry’s commitment to make sure that national development planning process is inclusive and representative. The minister mentioned that MOPIC has been doing consultation widely across regions, but this one is integral as far as inclusiveness is concerned. “Your (women) perspectives is essential and will be part and parcel of the NDP”.

Presentations were made on updates of the National Development Plan and elaborated the pillars of the NDP.  Then participants has broken down into 5 working groups, on for each of the NDP pillars. Each group have deliberated about women’s priorities and how women groups can meaningfully participate in each sector. The main findings of the working groups have been presented and documented.

The workshop was closed by Mr. Abdi Dirshe, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation, who has pointed out that women have played and will continue playing a critical role in Somalia. They have played a tremendous role in peace-building and reconstruction. Dirshe expressed his appreciation to witness women deliberating on national priorities and was impressed by how the participants spoke about the workshop and articulated their priorities.

“I have listened to your presentations and witnessed that you have clearly indicated that women’s participation in national development processes and representation in national decision making bodies  should be institutionalized and legislated; and I will assure you that your inputs will be used to enrich the NDP” Mr Dirshe addressed in his closing speech.

National consultation with key stakeholders in advancing South-South cooperation in the Federal Republic of Somalia

Somalia’s economy is dominated by the informal sector and is predominantly based on agriculture and livestock, which accounts for about 65 percent of the GDP and employment of the workforce.

The stock-taking exercise mission to Somalia commenced on 29th May 2016. Preparatory meeting was held on 30 May with the national Focal Point on South-South Cooperation and followed by a consultative meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Planning & International cooperation and Ministry of Foreign affairs. Consultations addressed the important issues on establishing strong civil institutions and internal coordination in achieving the objectives of South-South cooperation.

Two major consultative meetings were held on 31 May and 1 June respectively, involving the 8 line ministries and being chaired by the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC). The 7 PSs and 40 senior officials from key line ministries closely relevant to SSC raised their issues, concerns and expectations from the SSC.

A presentation “Trends and Opportunities in Advancing South-South and Triangular Cooperation in The Federal Republic of Somalia” was introduced by the regional advisor for UNOSSC.

Joint meeting held on 1 June brought together representatives of the civil society institutions and the private sector. Such critical issues, as the way of addressing the balance between the government, civil society and the private sector, as well building trust between them, were addressed during the meeting, In this regard the mechanism of the Public Private Partnership was presented as an effective tool for policy dialogue.

MOPIC meets with World Bank on Household Survey Data Presentation

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia had very productive meeting with the World Bank today, discussing the outcome of the recent Household Survey jointly conducted across Somalia. This is ground breaking survey that will allow policy makers to respond to the needs of the Somali people effectively given the available poverty and labour related data. This data will be reflected in the upcoming National Development Plan, which will have specific intervention plans for the high unemployment rate among the youth and strategies for the persistent poverty that exists across the country.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, H.E. Abdullahi Sh. Ali  and the World Bank County Director,  Mr. Hugh Riddell who attended this meeting praised this ground breaking data.

More details of this data will follow in the coming days.