The process of crafting the first Somalia National Development Plan (NDP) in 30 years was both exciting and complex. For more than a year, the capable team at the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation (MoPIC) worked tirelessly to envision a development plan consistent with Somalia‘s steady recovery from 25 years of state collapse, persistent conflict and a shattered economy.

From outset, we knew that we needed to formulate a realistic NDP, both in terms of cost and in implementation capacity of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). The NDP covers three fiscal years (2017-2019) instead of the traditional five years; our aim was to create a solid basis for future plans. After three decades of no development agenda, we had to be conservative in our outlook. Furthermore, the NDP is compliant with both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (iPRSP), a global poverty eradication scheme that also partially satisfies the global debt forgiveness program, which the FGS is aggressively pursuing with international financial institutions led by the IMF.

Since September 2013, the New Deal Compact for Somalia served as the country‘s comprehensive development and political roadmap. For nearly three years, Somalia became the only country in the world to have fully implemented the New Deal program. Somalia was seen as a model among the ―g7+ countries‖, a group of fragile nations recovering from years of conflict that signed up to the New Deal. Among the many benefits of the Compact was that it built for Somalia a strong foundation from which we can articulate a realistic NDP. In many ways, the Compact has become a prerequisite and a harbinger for fragile countries like us to craft their own NDP.

For farther detail you can download NDP final vesion here: somalia-national-development-plan-2017-2019final14dec