The national NGO policy launched

The Somali ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development launched the national NGO policy in a two days workshop held at the Jazeera hotel.ngo4

The workshop was attended by representatives from the federal states, international consultants and the ministry of planning, investment and economic development which was responsible for drafting the policy.ngo1

and finally, the federal states and the federal government have agreed that the NGO policies in all parties have to be harmonized


The new minister officially takes over the office.

The new minister of the ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development officially assumes the office in a ceremony took place in the conference hall of the ministry.takeover

The event was attended by the former minister of planning H.E. Abdirahman Ainte, the new minister H.E. Jamal Mohamed Hassan, the deputy Somali prime minister, guests and the ministry stuff.

take over1

The deputy prime minister has praised the tremendous work that the former minister and stuff did , and also welcomed the new minister.