The Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MOPIED) has completed developing a new National Development Plan (NDP), the first in a period of 30 years. The NDP has been formulated through an inclusive and transparent process while engaging sectoral Ministries of the Federal Government and Federal Member States, civil society, parliament and academia as well as the international development partners. The plan sets out priorities for Somalia for the period 2017 – 2019 and embeds sustainable development goals, adapting them to the national context.

As per decision announced at the May 11 London Conference in 2017, the NDP builds on the achievements of the New Deal Compact, maintaining a slightly modified oversight, planning and coordination architecture as well as the link between political, security and development priorities. It also addresses the aid management and coordination, development effectiveness and New Deal principles for engagement in fragile states. It is a priority for the Federal Government of Somalia to ensure coherence and continuity between the ended Somali Compact and the NDP, both in terms of development and reconstruction priorities and of use of existing coordination structures, funding and implementation mechanisms. please click here to download and apply