Monitoring & Evaluation

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation is steadily working

standardization of the Ministry through developing and improving its working systems in different areas of Directorates, Units and programs etc. Monitoring and evaluation department is at the center of sound governance arrangements. The department is crucial for the achievement of evidence-based policymaking, Result based, decision-making, management, and accountability within the Somali Government.

This M&E Department represents the final key link in planning process in line with the ministry’s National Development Plans and Sustainable Development Goals. It also participates in forming policies, public plans and sectorial programs in cooperation with other line Ministries and departments in and outside of the ministry.

M&E Sections

1. Government and Administration sector

2. State and regional sector

3. Productive Sector

4. Social Sector

5. Infrastructure Sector

6. Aid effectiveness

7. International Contract & Agreements

8. Data Management